Bomberman Jetters

Bomberman Jetters



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Bomberman returns to GameCube in an all-new adventure. The Hige Hige Bandits have a new, devious plan up their sleeves -- this time Bomberman's home planet, Planet Bomber, is their target. Their plan, called Project: Obliterate Planet Bomber, entails destroying Planet Bomber by crashing their Dark Star artificial comet into it. Bomberman, and MAX must destroy the four engines that propel Dark Star before it is too late. Features the ability to switch between Bomberman and MAX, create new types of bombs by fusing them with special materials, and brand new, evolving Charaboms. And it wouldn't be Bomberman if Jetters didn't feature four-player battles and multiplayer challenges.


  • Guide Bomberman through lush, colorful, cel-shaded 3D environments designed exclusively for Nintendo GameCube
  • Explore five massive worlds, each with evil end bosses
  • Combine bombs with elements to create new bomb powers including water, ice, wind and light
  • Kick and throw bombs and power up devastating Big Bombs
  • Collect, raise and breed Charaboms to help Bomberman enable new powers